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Work English

Heal 2013

body object / copper, amber, wood, nylon, latex, textile color

Transformation 01: Taking a Walk as then

Performance / Steinfeldfriedhof, Graz, 06-2013

The performance ‘A walk like back then’ initiates a turning point. An act of purification from one’s own past. The body memory is activated, stored sensations and experiences are released and made conscious. The symbolic burial is also a new beginning.

Identity 2014

left: mask / copper, silver, rubber, nylon, textil, textile color 
right: mask / copper, silver, rubber

Transformation 02: Inside

Private Session / 05-2014

‘Inside’ is an active process of searching and digging. Behind the mask, thrown back on oneself, Transformation 02 deals with human shadow issues that oppose the idea of one’s own identity and are therefore denied, split off or suppressed.

Transformation 03: Be aware of Death

Performance / Galerie G69, Graz, 05-2014

Death is part of human existence. It is, as Joseph Beuys put it, it’s inevitable consequence. It is as alive as we only become alive and conscious of ourselves through death. Death keeps us awake. But how to deal with dying in your own artistic work? Perform it?

FeMale 2013 + 2017

left: body object / copper, amber, nylon, textile, textile color
right: body object / silver, Latex nylon, textile, textile color

Transformation 04: Rebalance

Private Session / 06-2017

‚Male‘ and ‚female‘ primary principles symbolize the ideal of balance and being connected to each other. The rejection and devaluation of one principle produces a one-sided dominance and its own socio-cultural evolution, omnipresent the overemphasis on the male. Transformation 04 demands to appreciate the feminine and to bring both parts into balance.

Fear 2018

body object / silver, latex, textile, textile color

Transformation 05: Transfear

Private Session / 09-2018

‘Transfear’ touches on the complex issue of fear. It highlights the assumption that overcoming fear leads to spiritual and emotional insight or a metaphysical experience.

In Transformatiom 05, fearful sensations are consciously perceived and located as a low vibrating frequency, as an expression of pain without a cathartic effect. In questioning the status and the cause of fear, a hierarchical discourse is found. Obsolete as a feeling of securing a livelihood, dread takes on its protective function. Fear, viewed in the context of personal and social power relations, is given a new perspective.